Encouraging Ministries to Multiply Missional Endeavors

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Intercultural Ministries

The Intercultural Group focuses on multiplying missional leaders and ministries among ethnic and language groups across North America cross denominationally.  With specific teams working among Asian, Black, Hispanic and Euro Americans, the teams explore cultural contexts; equip believers to become missional leaders; engage ethnic, international, immigrant and refugee groups; and expand missional ministries among these peoples.


Contextual Ministries

The Contextual Ministries Group mobilizes missional ministry among various age groups; collective living space locations such as apartments and dormitories; leisure and work space locations such as skateboard parks, truck stops and golf courses; among people with long-term healthcare issues and disabilities; and by providing missional consultation and strategy services for churches and organizations as they minister in community contexts.


Educational Ministries

The Educational Ministries Group services the Intercultural, Contextual and Missional Groups by providing online and onsite education that equips believers to become missional leaders in their respective ministries.  With a focus on intercultural education and experiential learning, training is designed to maximize skills and missional content so that believers can become productive in their role in their communities.


Missional Research

The Missional Group provides cutting-edge community and congregational research that enables missional leaders to develop and implement culturally-appropriate strategies in their communities.  The Missional Group facilities much of the work of the Intercultural, Contextual and Educational Groups by providing missional resources that drive their implementation.